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Who truly has the best termite baiting system in Australia?

In 2006 we rated the Green Termite Bait System against 12 other bait systems.  Some of them are no longer available.

The purpose is to show you a chalk and cheese comparison between the unique Green Termite Bait System and some well known and lesser known termite bait systems so you can see for yourself why ‘feature for feature’ the Green Termite Bait System is clearly way ahead of the pack.

The reason we haven’t listed some features that you may think of, is because they are subjective.  It may depend on your point of view as to whether they are considered a positive or a negative feature.  Some people prefer to always buy the most expensive product believing that if something costs more it must be better.  This rule is generally true but not always.  You may even disagree with the way we rate a feature.  Please play around with the numbers if you wish.  We’ve tried to be as fair and even handed as possible.  If you don’t like the numbers, let us know – we appreciate all feedback whether it’s positive or negative.

To be sure, some of the features listed in the chart are much more important than others and should be worth more than 5 points.  For example, no matter how good a termite bait is, if it isn’t ant-resistant, then it’s going to have problems.  A plastic bait that is rendered useless by invading ants constitutes a serious weakness in the perimeter defence.

Regardless of how you tally the points, at the end of the day, the ant-resistant Green Termite Bait System is still clearly the winner.

Please click here (Adobe pdf) to open the comparison chart for viewing and printing.

Whatever you choose, don’t make the mistake of doing nothing.

Prevention is much better and cheaper than cure!

Think about it… Why waste money on a less effective system?