The versatility of the Ec2c Termite Windows.

Ec2c in power poleIn a power pole.

Ec2c in retaining wallIn a retaining wall post.

Ec2c in tree rootIn a large surface tree root.

Ec2c in bearer 2In a subfloor bearer.

Ec2c in bearerIn an important support beam.

Ec2c in postIn a high risk post that has soil contact despite being mounted in a stirrup.

Ec2c in floorboardIn a thin floor board (installed from under the floor).

Ec2c in logIn a log on the ground.

Ec2c in live treeIn a live tree.

Council Uses

Councils can use the Ec2c Termite Windows in Power Poles, Retaining Walls, Timber Bridges, National Parks, Timber Playground Equipment, etc.

For arborists, using the Ec2c Termite Window serves a dual purpose.  It is both an inspection/treatment hole plug as well as a means of checking on the tree’s health in the future.  Note: It is not suitable for all types of live trees.

In fact there are many more uses for the Ec2c Termite Windows in and around your home and yard.  Just use your imagination.  If you want to inspect inside of any timber that is at risk from termites, the Ec2c Termite Window is a very convenient tool.